About Us

The people of this church have served the North Creek Valley since 1916. As a part of the family of God, we welcome you and your family.

North Creek Country Church is an independent congregation. It is not affiliated with any denomination or organization.
As an enthusiastic part of this community we work with neighboring churches, international missionary organizations, and community groups.

We practice informal worship that is Christ centered and Scripture based. We enjoy singing the traditional hymns of the Christian Church, which over time have proven their value, bringing meaning, comfort, and joy to generations of believers.

We believe that it is the mission of our church to bring the knowledge and message of salvation of Jesus Christ to our neighbors. We endeavor to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission through hospitality, service, worship, comfort and celebration with our community.


What We Believe

The inspired word of God written in the Holy Bible and revealed through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is the basis for our faith.

It is through the study of scripture and the testimony of believers that lives are changed
and people are shown the salvation of Jesus Christ.

We look forward to welcoming you to worship with us. It would be a blessing to have
you as a part of our church family and the family of God.


Join us Sundays at 10:00 am!


Upcoming Events

Monthly Potluck – Join us on the 3rd Sunday of each month for a potluck and fellowship time following the service. Eggs and pancakes are provided. Bring something to share. A great time for the whole family.

Young Adults – If you’re looking for community or family or friendships as a young adult in the greater Bothell/ Mill Creek area, come and see our hang out time on Mondays at 6:30 pm. There’s everything from Family Dinner to games to worship to hang time. It’s an opportunity to connect with others and be challenged to take Jesus serious now rather than waiting until (you fill in the blank).


It Happened at North Creek Church

Seminar for Hindu children and moms – One of our members were approached by a local group of Hindu moms and kids and asked if they could visit the church and hear what it is that Christians believe, specifically about Jesus. The linked video is the presentation that was given. Always be ready to give an answer for the Hope that we have in Jesus.